Our Process Research. Plan. Design. Develop. Launch.

Below we have outlined our version of what is referred to as the software development life cycle (SDLC). Fine-tuned over the years, below is the list of phases we have found to most effectively and efficiently generate the desired end-product within the budget and time constraints necessary.

Phase One Initial Meeting

Every one of our projects starts off with an initial meeting. During this stage we schedule a date, time and place to meet with you and any other people you deem vital to the success of your project. It is here where we obtain a very high-level understanding of your needs and requirements. You will likely do most of the talking while we chime in with questions and suggestions.

Phase 1 - Initial Meeting
Phase Two - Business Analysis

Phase Two Business Analysis

After our team has a thorough understanding of your needs we immediately begin to analyze your business to find the "who, what, where, when, and how" areas of need. This allows us to take your project and zero in on the areas which will return the largest gains for your business while achieving your goals discussed in Phase One.

Phase Three Planning

Our planning phase is designed to keep errors and redundancy at a minimum. We take special care to ensure that all your requirements are built into the final product and all your goals are met within the necessary budget and timeframe. Any and all questions that arise are addressed to you before completing this phase.

Phase 3 - Planning
Phase 4 - Layout Design

Phase Four Layout Design

Layout design is often an overlooked, but vital, piece of the SDLC. How you present your information or application is crucial to how it is perceived by your customers. Too unprofessional and you could lose potential revenue and this phase ensures that does not happen.

Phase Five User Interface and User Experience Design

Very often "User Interface" gets confused with our previous phase "Layout Design". This is because both are displayed to the user but unlike layout design, user interface involves strategically placing actionable items such as buttons, check boxes, dropdown menus, etc. How users interact with these items is called "User Experience" and needs to be carefully evaluated as to not confuse or discourage users from using the final product.

Phase 5 - User Interface and User Experience Design
Phase 6 - Coding and Development

Phase Six Coding and Development

The meat and potatoes, and often longest part, of the project is the coding and development phase. Somewhat self-explanatory this phase is when our expert developers work diligantly on coding the end product. Data and designs from previous phases are packaged together in a developer-friendly way and sent to our team to work on.

Phase Seven Quality Assurance

Also simply referred to as "testing", this phase helps us ensure that no bugs or issues occur in the end product. We aggressively test all aspects of the software and ensure it meets not only our rigourous standards but yours as well. You wouldn't expect anything less and neither would we!

Phase 7 - Quality Assurance
Phase 8 - Client Training

Phase Eight Client Training

When the launch date is scheduled and approaching we schedule a training with you to ensure you understand how everything functions. If it's an application we will train you on how to use it and if it's a website (or another project) we will review all aspects of it with you so you are familiar with it to answer any questions your customers may have.

Phase Nine Launch, Monitoring, & Maintenance

Now that all our previous phases have been completed we are ready to launch the product. Once launched we continue to monitor and maintain it for an agreed upon amount of time. This ensures you can continue to operate your business without worrying about software bugs, crashes or errors.

Phase 9 - Launch, Monitoring & Maintenance